Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cleaned Up Dome & Sound Circuit Wiring

And now for my favorite part of R2 building, wiring clean-up.

I had a couple of sound-related wires cut much longer than required on the dome and sound circuit, so I trimmed them to length. Then I routed the wires through the tie-downs at the bottom of the frame. I had to remove some junk (e.g. the mist spray can and manual droid lift) to get in there, but it's done now.

Note: Today I updated the template that blogger.com uses for this blog, in order to support labels. You may notice some subtle differences.

I've created a new label named "Events" on the right side of this page, in order to keep track of events that I do. I'm pretty generous with my current definition of an event. If R2 makes any kind of public appearance, right now I'm calling that an event. :) Most of these are bona-fide events, however.

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