Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Minor Update

No progress to report. Move along, move along.

There is so much constant ash and soot raining down from the sky due to nearby brushfires that I'll need to wait on painting my dome panels.

My home was never in any serious danger from the fire, but the nearby smoke did get my attention on Sunday afternoon, as the fire came within four or five miles of where I live. The fire has since moved on.

I didn't know I live close to a volcano.

I'm not sure when the skies will clear up, but when they do, hopefully I can get those panels painted.

I have an event scheduled on Sunday, so I'll report on that afterward.


Calvin Thomas said...

Thank God it went the other way!!!
I've been watching the fire on the news and never thought about it being in your area.
Funny how things just don't click sometimes.

I forgot to tell you at our meet your Blog is one of the most talked about in the bunch and everyone had good comments about it.

Chris said...

Glad to hear everything is okay. Stay safe.