Monday, October 08, 2007

Finished Cutting and Prepping Dome Panels

Tonight I finally got around to cutting out the remaining dome panels on dome #2. These are the panels that required holes in the inner dome behind them. Now that the holes have been traced onto the inner dome, these could finally come out.

Like before, I used a hacksaw blade to cut the panels out. I trimmed the two vertical tabs, and then twisted the panels loose.

For areas that were too small for the hacksaw blade, I repeatedly scored the tabs with a utility knife from behind.

Next, I filed down the tabs on each panel with a half-round file, and then cleaned them up with 60-grit sand paper.

I sharpened up the corners of the holes for the front and rear logics with a square file.

Happy panels, ready for primer and wet-sanding.


Darth Flan said...
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Darth Flan said...

I forgot to leave in certain panels to mark the dome! I was like a kid in a candy store and went nuts when I got the dome and just started removing panels. Oh well I can always tape them back into place and trace.

It's funny because the 2 very top (small) round pieces were cut off center and the little dot was missing completely. Hmmm I may take the scrap ring and fashion a new one. Must have gotten lost in shipping.

Paul said...

For those of us a few weeks behind you....could you add in your next blog entry the files you are using?

Victor Franco said...

Done. See