Sunday, October 28, 2007

Charity Bowling Event - Strike Against Child Abuse

Today R2 helped out with the Strike Against Child Abuse charity event at the Canoga Park bowling alley.

The Rebel Legion and 501st were well represented.

As always, the kids loved R2, and they were all very well behaved.

The same wasn't true for the Sand People.

Not wanting to feel left out, R2 took a shot at bowling. The alley didn't have his size bowling shoes.

Later the videography crew for the organization decided they wanted to stage things as if R2 were bowling a strike, with a real bowler out of frame and R2 in frame. After the strike was made, R2 would do his victory/cantina dance. The crowd was to go wild. We never did get this to work right, but I did manage to roll a strike and get R2 to celebrate while the crowd went wild in the background. Lower your speaker volume, this one is loud.

Everyone had a good time, but R2 needs to work on his game.

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Redspect said...

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