Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Labeled Dome #2

Dome #2?!? What dome #2?

Well, yeah, I kind of bought two of everything without mentioning it before, because I do plan to build a second droid at some point. Surprise!

At R2LA V later this month, Mike plans to do a painting demo, which works out great for me, because I need some dome panels painted. But rather than pry off my existing panels now, what if I had another dome's panels to work with?

So I do have a second R&J dome, and I marked the panels tonight, in preparation for cutting and removing from the dome. I used the same labeling scheme as last time, from a PDF file I found in one of our droid building resource folders.

I guess technically this means I'm starting on droid #2 now, but since I don't plan to do much beyond cutting out and painting the panels for a while, I'll won't count this in the timeline. If only everything about droid building were this easy.


Matthew Henricks said...

Finally, the truth be told...

Victor. You know the first step to overcoming your addiction is to admit you have a problem so repeat after me...

I am addicted to building Astromech Droids and updating my Blog nightly for the rest of those also addicted...

Victor Franco said...

My name is Victor, and I'm a droid-aholic.

Calvin Thomas said...

Sneaky Sneaky Victor!!!
Are you going to use the same method for the next build?
The reason I ask, My wife's R3 is being made of Styrene and I tell you "That stuff is strong"
I'm very impressed with how her frame and skins have turned out so far.
And the weight issue is not an issue.
Anyway, I can't wait to see what you do next.

Victor Franco said...


I'll probably follow the build method of droid #1 very closely, using plywood for the frame and legs again. But I am intrigued with all the initial success builders have been having with styrene lately, and I'll keep an eye on that.