Wednesday, September 26, 2007


You know, I just haven't spent enough money on this project. Sure, I've paid a small fortune in parts, the remote control, batteries and the like, but I really felt like I needed to step it up to a new level.

I know... Let's buy R2 his own car!

Yes, I purchased a friend's used 2003 Honda Element. It was quite unfeasible to try driving R2 around in my sedan, I always had to remove the legs first.

I normally wouldn't have considered buying an Element, but this thing has tons of cargo space when the rear seats are removed.

The other nice thing is that it is tall in there. I had trouble finding a small SUV that was tall enough to fit R2, even with his dome removed (which is how I'd transport him).

One problem is that since there is a short tailgate, building a winch-driven droid lift that can clear the tailgate is going to be a challenge. I hope it turns out to be possible, but that's for another day.

The doors on this car open in a funky manner. This is supposed to make the car easier to load from the side, but it's impossible to open the rear door while the Element is in the garage, since you have to open the front door first, and I get pinned against my sedan.

Now I have a way of getting R2 to and from his events. R2LA V is coming up this weekend, and I have an event scheduled in October that I'll be reporting on as it arrives.

Ok, I can stop spending money on this droid now. Right?

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