Monday, August 13, 2007

Swapped Out Motor on Right Foot

Well, I found the reason why the rubber layer started slipping off of one of the right foot's wheels Friday. It appears as though the right foot motor has a problem when put under load. The motor usually spins okay when moving forward or backward, but most turns caused a strange grinding noise, and the motor ceased spinning. I pulled the motor off, and powered it up in isolation. When I put some strong friction on the motor, it made the same grinding noise. It seems as though something may be wrong with the worm gear inside. I'll open up the motor later and take a look.

In then meantime, I unwrapped the shrink tubing and electrical tape off the old motor wires, grabbed a new motor, and redid the soldering, electrical tape, and shrink tubing. I still need to hack one of the tabs off the motor case to get it to fit in the battery box. I'll do that tomorrow, and then R2 should be back in action.

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