Friday, August 10, 2007

Nephews Meet R2

"Oh my gosh! That is so cool!"

My two nephews Ari and Gabriel, who live in North Carolina and are visiting this week with their folks, at long last got a chance to meet R2 today. They didn't know what I had been working on, so I recreated the unveiling I did back on May 20, 2007 over again for them. Their expressions and exclamations made it all worth while. With my dad standing behind them, my mom shooting photos, my other brother shooting video and me working the controls, we captured their reactions.

They played hide and seek with R2, danced the dance program, and generally had a great time.

After they had left, my brother Jonathan and I played some more with R2 in the garage, and the rubber layer that covers the front right wheel started working its way loose, so I'll reglue that tomorrow.

I also soon plan to fix some of the gouging I had originally done on the top of the center foot door frames to get the ankle bolt to fit, and one day I'll repaint the blue panels on the dome.

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