Saturday, August 18, 2007

Motor Post-Mortem

I dropped by Mike's today to take a look at what failed with the right foot's motor last weekend.

The plate that covers the gearing had to be removed by drilling out the rivets.

Next, the shaft and shaft adapter had to be hacksawed off, since the shaft adapter had been pinned and JB Welded on.

The problem? Possibly a manufacturing defect in the plastic gear's teeth. The grooves that mate with the worm gear were not of even depth, and there was some warping. Of course, it is possible this was caused by droid (ab)use, but I don't think so, because I recall when I first got the motor and applied power to it, once per revolution it made a funny noise. So I suspect this motor was defective to begin with. Lesson learned: If the motor makes an uneven noise as it runs, it could be the gearing is messed up.

Also, now that the nephews have returned home, I restored R2's original message to the top front logic. "R2 SAYS HELLO 2 U."

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