Monday, August 06, 2007

Dance Program, Black Tube for Mist

The little nephews are scheduled to visit on Friday afternoon. What's the first thing they are going to say to R2 once they meet him? "Hey R2! Dance Program!"

I captured the Dance Program music from my Hasbro Interactive R2, and saved it as a 44.1kHz mono .wav sound file, suitable for play on my CFSound III. You can right-click here and save the file to your hard drive (as I violate copyright regulations). CFSound II users will need to convert this to 22kHz.

On another note (so to speak), the black tube for the mist that I ordered from McMaster-Carr arrived today, so I cut it down to length and swapped out the light blue tube I had in there for this one. It's hard to see, but that's the idea, right?


Anonymous said...

Cool!!!! I'm sure your nephews will love that little feature. And thanks, i downloaded that into a file on my harddrive. I was planning, nothing set in stone, on getting a whole soundtrack to put in my soundboard when I get one. Are you doing this or putting any soundtrack songs in yours?

Victor Franco said...

No soundtrack sounds on my R2. It's just my opinion, but R2 seems out of character to me when he's playing soundtrack sounds. I know a bunch of other builders do it, though, so I'm probably in the minority. I do stray a little from my rule, though, I have the Disney Main Street Electrical Parade soundtrack as one of the sounds. R2 is a one-droid parade all by himself. :)

Anonymous said...

HEHE....I understand. I was just curious. I'm always gathering ideas up in my head. When I have R2 up on feet, and I was displaying him in my Living room, I wanted to put somesort of cd player in him with his dome lights on. That way, when hes just sitting there, I can just listen to some Star Wars songs if I wanted. Like I said, nothing etched in stone. But, great job Victor....very inspiring to say the least!!!!!!!

Calvin Thomas said...

HAHAHA Funny!!!!
Now what you going to do when they start smacking him on the head to controll his behavour.

Victor Franco said...

Smack 'em back.

Chris said...

that's what the fire extinguisher is for :)