Sunday, July 29, 2007

Stabilizer for Top Utility Arm Motor, PVC Stubs to Prop Left Battery Box

The minor tweaks never end.

Today, I cut a small piece of wood to help prop up the servo motor for the top utility arm.

The motor had been hanging from the MDF like a diver on a diving board, and the MDF was flexing a bit when the arm moved. This block of wood helps stabilize the whole motor assembly, since it is sandwiched between the horizontal rib from which the MDF hangs, and the motor itself.

Once the test fit proved good, I painted the wooden block black, and later installed it. Of my three attempts to photograph this from the inside, none of them focused quite right. :(

Later on, I cut a couple of small pieces of PVC and glued them to the cut out area of my left battery box.

With these installed, the battery box is propped up a little as it rests on the drive train's motor mount. Without these PVC pieces, the foot shell had a tendency to sag toward the center of the droid.

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