Sunday, July 08, 2007

Cut Plugs for Ankle Holes

I'm really going to do it! Someday, I'm really gonna do it!

I'm dragging my feet on filling and redrilling the ankle holes a little lower, but I got a bit of a start on it today. Yesterday I purchased some plug cutting bits from Sears. The holes in the ankles for the bolts that hold the feet on are 1/2" in diameter.

I grabbed a piece of 1/2"-thick scrap birch plywood. I was thinking of using a 1/2" diameter piece of pine dowel to fill the holes, but Mike warned that the pine may not stand up to the redrilling and pressure that will be applied to it, so plywood it is.

The plug cutter worked great, perfect 1/2" diameter circles of plywood, 1/2" thick.

I cut a total of eight of these. I really only need six (for the three 1"-thick ankles, so I need a pair of 1/2"-thick plugs per ankle), but I cut some spares.

I probably won't get around to filling and redrilling until next weekend. I may try working on adding R/C to the utility arms in the meantime.

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