Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Remote Sound Volume Revisited

Now that I have two working CFSound III systems, and I don't have any events scheduled in the near-term (or long-term), I figured this was as good a time as any to attempt to control the CFSound III volume with the remote once again.

Recall that the CFSound III has an internal 3-pin header to control the volume, in addition to two push-buttons. When one of the outer pins is grounded, the volume rises. When the other outer pin is grounded, the volume drops. I connected the two outer pins to switches 15 and 16 of my Vantec Keycoder, which provide momentary ground.

Well, the wire-up kind of works, and kind of doesn't. The system is acting like switch 15 is always being pressed (or at least, occasionally being pressed). The volume drifts down by itself. Manually lowering or raising the volume with switches 15 and 16 works, but the volume again drifts back down to silence over time.

Obviously I still need to troubleshoot this, hopefully I'll have it figured out soon.


John Barrett said...

Looks and sounds tricky. Hopefully, you find out soon how to perfect it. I'll keep watching! I wish I had some advice for you. The droid looks great though, and that alone should keep you focused. There!! Best advice I could give right now!! LOL


Chris said...

I'm assuming you've stuck a volt meter or something on the contacts to see what's happening? I also want to get something similar setup and interested the outcome of your testing.


Victor Franco said...

Hi Chris,

Yes, I did put a volt meter on the connections, but I didn't see anything that would explain the behavior I see. I hope to get this figured out at some point.

I have verified that if I manually connect the center pin on the CFSound III volume header to either outside pin, the volume does adjust, so another alternative might be to wire up a mechanical switch to force a connection. We'll see...