Monday, May 14, 2007

Fixed Left Foot Motor, Cutting Board for Outer Feet

I fixed R2's left motor tonight. Again, I guess the solder job on the 24 volt conversion must have been inadequate, although the solder joint seemed okay when I opened the motor. I resoldered, and now the motor works again. I hope this problem doesn't keep happening.

I used Mike's trick of chopping up some cutting board for the outer ankles to keep the outer feet firmly on the ground. I used a cheapo cutting board from Target, R2 is not picky.

With the battery boxes in place this is barely noticeable, and the power and antenna wires are almost completely concealed.

R2 was happy to be up and moving around again.

I still have a few minor things to do. First, ACS is kindly sending me (yet) another sound card, the most recent one is going back to them soon. I should have the new card by Thursday. I will do my best not to harm it. Second, I need to make the outer leg cylinder holders a bit smaller and reattach them. I also need to do some housekeeping on the internal wiring, and make a 12 volt power bus for the Keycoder and CFSound III boards. There are some other small things to do, but that's the bulk of it.

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Chris said...

very very cool. love the last picture.

i've got to drill my ankle/foot holes for the wires tomorrow and i think i'm going to go this route rather than trying to go throught the side.