Monday, May 21, 2007

First Modification - Rubber for Drivetrain Wheels

Ha. Just when I thought I'd slow down with the blog...

First, there's a short video of my R2's unveiling at:

The unveiling was done in my garage. R2 was under wraps, with my folks waiting outside the garage. I opened the garage, cued the Star Wars theme, and did the the reveal.

Back to today's activity. I've decided that I want to go ahead and put a layer of rubber on the drivetrain wheels, so I swung by Mike's and grabbed the drivetrains for the wheel modification.

I cut the rubber out (yet again, the prior efforts were from 4" diameter pipe couplers, I needed 3"), and took the wheels off the drivetrain. Tomorrow I'll install the layer of rubber with contact cement.

We're picking up the 17' U-Haul truck tomorrow to transport out-of-town droids to the convention center. That could be an adventure all by itself.

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