Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Drilled, Pinned & Installed New Motor, Finished Redoing Door Holders

This morning I drilled and pinned the replacement motor for the right foot. I'm starting to get proficient at this, which isn't necessarily a good sign.

During the day, I called ACS. I ordered a new sound card, and I will send the old one in for repair (minimal or no charge). I'll find something to do with the second card, or I can always sell it someday if I don't need it.

In the evening, I mounted the motor back on R2, and he works again! Yea.

Matthew Henricks and Roy Powers dropped by to discuss various droid-building matters shortly after R2 was up and running again, so they got to see him in action.

Later, I finished redoing my door holders. The bottom holders on the outer doors were moved a bit to avoid the gears on the wheels. I also replaced the nails that hold the pivot pieces in place, with notched nails that are less prone to falling out.

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