Wednesday, May 23, 2007

CIV Setup

The R2 Builders room quickly filled with droids galore today, CIV Setup Day.

Craig Smith had a new surprise for us, a Mustafar droid. Craig's beautiful droid with brass accents was also on display.

Andy Schwartz brought his mini R7 droid.

Kelly Krider had a very cool surprise for us, a Ralph McQuarrie concept droid. Keith Henry's beautiful color-shifting droid was between Kelly's droids.

William and Nikki Miyamoto's HAL droid was on display, and the dome is something to behold. One of the most original domes you will ever see.

Even out-of-towners got into the act.

Local media came by the room, and did interviews with Wayne Orr, Tom Jozwiak, and Don Bies, among others.

Guy Averett's beautiful R2-A6 showed up.

The rebel blockade runner set was mostly set up, just a bit more to do. In the opposite corner of the room (near my droid), there was a new Death Star set.

More droids, including a couple of Senna's (Pink 5's droid is on display), along with the Craig Smith collection.

Finally, I scored the Ralph McQuarrie concept droid action figure set.

Tomorrow's the big day, the opening of the room to the public at noon.

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Anonymous said...

Great pics Victor!!!! Glad to see that you're all having a great time!!!!
John Barrett