Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Started Working on Shaft Adapter Tool

It's an inevitability that I will have to make more shaft adapters in the (near) future, so I started working on a shaft adapter tool. The idea is to take a 3/4" outer diameter, 1.25" long steel rod with a hole drilled perfectly in the middle and squeeze it half way deep into a tube that has a 3/4" inner diameter. Then a blank steel rod with no hole can be drilled. Here is an example.

I started with a pre-drilled shaft adapter, and sanded the corner off.

Then I started whaling on it with a hammer to force it into the tube. I'm finding it difficult to force perfect alignment in the tube. I should probably use a vise, or something other than hammer. It started getting late, so I put down the hammer and I'll get back to this another day.

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