Sunday, April 29, 2007

Second Steps

A little more of the same from yesterday, but that's a good thing.

I went back to Mike's to pick up R2 and bring him home. While I was there, Mike kindly wired up my batteries so they can be easily connected to the inside of R2's power bus, and he also wired up my battery chargers to hook up to the batteries. In addition, Mike installed the main circuit breaker, which should trip before the fuses on each battery pack ever get hit.

A short video of R2's second day of locomotion is available at:

Mike piloted the controls for that small shot, he knows what he's doing. In the few minutes that I've had the stick, I've proceeded very cautiously.

(If you can't hear what was said toward end of the video and are wondering what we discussed, Mike asked if I had tightened down the bolts on the drivetrain. I replied, "Not really... not with a wrench. The feet may fall off in the middle of this.")

I brought R2 home, and later in the evening I put him back together. I'm charging up the batteries for about 20 hours before running R2 again.

I also spent all of five minutes recutting bottom door holders, I'll glue them on soon.

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