Friday, April 06, 2007

Cut Frame for Dome Drive

One last cut on the frame (or so I think).

This time it was for the axle to the wheel that will spin the Rockler bearing, on top of which the dome sits. The frame does not quite allow the axle to get close enough to the Rockler bearing for the scooter wheel to touch it, so I placed the wheel on top of the frame where it touches the Rockler bearing, and traced the hole.

I used the jigsaw to rough-cut the hole, followed by the Dremel drum sander to smooth it out. Roy Powers dropped by and gave me a hand with this, while afterward we discussed center foot issues.

Now, when the Saturn windshield wiper motor hangs from underneath the frame, the axle will be able to pass through the hole, and allow the wheel to spin the dome.

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