Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Outer Foot Shell Sanding

Tonight I worked on sanding the edges of one of the outer foot shells smooth.

I found some PVC pipe that's almost 3" outer diameter. It's more like 3.25", so I can't use it to perfectly sand smooth the curve of the feet, but I can get close.

I need to keep in mind that I'm going to be cutting a fairly large chunk of material out of the foot shell, because the drivetrain isn't going to fit completely inside the foot shell. It will actually enter into the battery box, so those will get cut too. There's no sense in finishing certain sections of the foot shells to perfection because of this.

After a few hours of sanding, I have one of the foot shells just about ready for filling (with Bondo, probably) and then... another round of sanding. There's a lot of sanding in my future.

This is going to get tedious over the next few days, but R2 refuses to build himself.

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