Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Motor Conversion Success

After last night's botched motor surgery, I was five-for-five in successfully executing Alex Kung's Saturn wiper motor conversion tutorial. I was more careful tonight with the removal of various parts, and that paid off.

First, I removed the motor case, of course.

Then, it's a matter of removing one coil, snipping one end of another coil and swiveling it around to where one of the ends of the removed coil used to be. Just solder the ends together, and the conversion is done. It's almost impossible to see the soldered joint, but it's there on the lower leg of the coil. There are a few odds and ends that get pulled out and completely thrown away, hence the blank spot or two.

I managed successfully to convert five out of six motors total. I still have a few more spare motors beyond the six I worked on during these last two nights, but I think I have enough motors ready for action for the moment.

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