Saturday, January 20, 2007

Road to Recovery

Okay, I think I'm done pouting (for now, at least). Here's the current plan for the drivetrain, which is spec'd to look as follows:

And here's what one of Mike's looks like, from R2LA III's emergency repair:

First, I'm going to cut out part of the top of the main rectangular tube. That way, the main bar from which the motor mount hangs will be at the specified height, rather than riding on top of or beneath the tube.

Second, I ordered some new aluminum online from Discount Steel. Specifically, I ordered a 4"x6.5"x3/16" thick aluminum bar that perfectly matches the H&A plans. Once I locate it in the proper place, everything will be to spec.

Third, I ordered some aluminum L-bars to ride on top of the main tube, per the H&A plans. It will need to be trimmed a bit, but I've done that before.

Fourth, I haven't totally decided what to do with the bearings since they overshoot the bottom of the tube where I cut it earlier, so I may use a simple flanged bushing, which is also per the H&A spec.

Finally, while I was ordering more aluminum, I decided to order some extra 2"x4"x3/16" rectangular tube, but this time I ordered four shorter segments, which also match the H&A plans.

To summarize, within a week I should have all the main pieces I need to reproduce a replica of the H&A drivetrain, but I may be able to salvage the work I have.

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