Sunday, January 14, 2007

Resumed PVC Foot Shell Work, Swapped PSI Circuits

After quite a while away from the PVC foot shells, Mike and I got together to resume work on them. Mike did all the stunts, I handled cinematography.

We recut the fronts and backs of the outer foot shells, after discovering a problem with the ones we cut earlier. We also cut the tops of both outer foot shells. The fronts, backs and tops will need to be trimmed to match the actual width of the foot shell. We are waiting until we finish constructing the inboard-side of the foot shell that has the battery box-curve to it, before we trim all of the other sides to size.

The angles on all of these are crazy. Thank goodness we can always take measurements from Mike's first droid.

When I got home, I worked on adding some wiring to my dome for the new PSI flasher circuits.

The diffusion is far from perfect, but I can work on that over time. I do find myself preferring the discrete flash operation to the fade.


Calvin Thomas said...

Victor, I know I asked you this before, But any tips on siliconing the dome.
How is yours holding up?
Did it stick good?

Victor Franco said...


Nothing too unusual. As I mentioned in the March 23, 2006 entry, I zig-zagged silicone over the outer surface of the inner dome, and then smeared it around with my fingers, getting a decent amount of coverage. Where possible, I located silicone between dome panels, but only where there were large areas of unexposed inner dome.

When I was done, I placed the whole thing on my vacuum cleaner handle that was pointing straight up. I let it dry all day while I was at work, and then I went around the rim and squirted a thin bead between the two edges, and clipped the rims together.


It seems to be holding up quite well, I've detected no problems whatsoever.

I've e-mailed a couple of extra pictures, I hope they are helpful.