Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Motor Homework

I can't claim I did much in the way of building tonight, but since I'm working on the drivetrain, I figured I better start studying up on the Saturn wiper motors I'm planning to use. I removed the bar that controls the windshield wipers.

Then I read up on how the connections to the motor work, and I reviewed Alex Kung's summary on 24 volt conversion, which I plan to implement.


agdros said...

which motors do you plan to use for 2-3-2?

Victor Franco said...

Actually, I'm not doing 2-3-2 for this droid. It will be in permanent 3-legged mode.

If/when I'm crazy enough to try tackling a second droid, I might go with 2-3-2. In that event, I'll probably go with the satellite motors that most people have been using.