Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Measuring & Marking Drivetrain

I spent some time tonight measuring and marking the aluminum tube that will make up the main part of the drivetrain. I will need help from a machine shop to drill the holes for the axles, and maybe more help drilling additional holes.

I started taking measurements on the aluminum, and marked where I believe the axles will go. This is subject to many iterations of remeasuring and remarking.


Calvin Thomas said...

Can the shaft hole in the wheel be shimed down to a smaller axle?
Then the bearing could be smaller.
I have'nt seen the design your modifying.
Is that black thing the wheel?

Victor Franco said...

Hi Calvin,

On Jan 20, 2007, at 12:45 PM, Calvin Thomas wrote:

>Can the shaft hole in the wheel be shimed
>down to a smaller axle?
>Then the bearing could be smaller.

I'm not sure, but with enough looking for a spacer and enough thinking about it, it probably could.

I'm considering: a) not using the bearing and instead using a flanged bushing that the plans specify (it is known to work), b) checking to see if I can raise the axle and bearing slightly, requiring other measurements to be compensated for, or c) starting over with new piece of aluminum 2x4 stock, and not cutting out the side at all, like Mike suggested.

>I haven' seen the design your modifying.

In case you are curious, the plans are in the Yahoo group's Files section, under Miscellaneous. It's the Heath and Alex drive kit (both PDF and DXF zip files are available).

It is a sweet drive kit. If only it were offered again, and right now. :)

If I had known months ago that I would be doing all of this, I probably would have looked into doing a run myself, I'm sure others out there would like this kit. Oh well.

>Is that black thing the wheel?


I am also seriously considering scrapping almost everything, and starting over with exactly the materials and measurements called out for in the H&A plans.

It would cost me some money, but I would avoid having to re-calibrate every last measurement that is required to compensate for all the deviations I'm having to make.

Thank you for your suggestion,