Thursday, December 21, 2006

Started Reworking Dome Wiring

Until today, my dome wiring had a main "power bus," consisting of a pair of power and ground lines, to which each electronic component of the dome was connected. The problem with that was lots of solder points that were prone to failure.

Today I picked up some terminal blocks to replace the power and ground lines. These terminals have two screws per connection, that allow me to daisy-chain each port to a common line (power or ground) on one side of the terminal block, and the corresponding line out to the component on the other. (Hopefully I'm not broadcasting or inhibiting radio signals with this...)

I tried hooking up each dome component to the terminal blocks, and everything seems to work pretty well, and the whole setup is a bit neater.

Hopefully once this is all back in the dome, it will work solidly and be much less of a mess. I should know shortly.

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