Thursday, November 09, 2006

Yet More PVC Cutting, Artoo's First Words

Recalling that I am counting-challenged, I realized yesterday I still wasn't done cutting out all the strips of PVC for the bottom of the outer feet. Tonight I finished the cutting of these strips and small pieces (for real). Tomorrow I hope to glue them up.

I decided to do something a bit more fun afterward, and worked on programming sounds for the CFSound III system. (I did this from my Mac Dual G5, btw.) It took a couple of tries to get the .wav file into the format required by the system, but eventually R2 said his first words. The stereo speakers in the background of most of my pictures finally were put to good use!


Calvin Thomas said...

Cool Box, I'm interested in getting one of these for my R2. Have you used it much?
And how are you going to activate the sounds?
Can it be activated by remote?
Are you going to add a Infared sensor to activate it?
Sorry Victor, I just like this idea alot.

Victor Franco said...


The sounds will be activated by remote control. The optional Contact Sense 24 module that I got with it allows me to add inputs. My plan is to have a bank of 16 or so switches on the remote, and each will trigger a specific sound. The first switch will rotate through several sounds.

I haven't played much with this yet, since I do not yet have a remote. But I have programmed two sounds, the one on my web page, and the opening Star Wars theme. I just touch the ground wire to the correct input to trigger the sound. :)