Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Worked on Fitting Front Logics

Tonight I started working on getting the front logics to fit properly into the dome. They will be held in from behind by a box made out of PVC.

The first step was to get the aluminum surrounds properly spaced apart. I cut a small piece of styrene, and super-glued it to the edge of one of the two surrounds.

Once the glue had dried, I retested the fitting that I had done prior to gluing the styrene. The surrounds seem to be spaced apart just right. I loosely placed the bezels and logic boards behind them. Until they are secured, they don't line up perfectly.

On a view from inside the dome, the PVC box will be attached via flat PVC "legs" to another flat piece of PVC that will be screwed down on the dome ring. Right now the PVC legs are just taped in place.

There will be little sticks of PVC glued to the inside of the box, to force the logic boards into position. The only way to remove the assembly will be to unscrew it from the dome ring, and remove everything out of the front side (which is fine with me).

By the way, I found the 5-pin connectors for the front logics at a local Fry's Electronics. They were for connecting USB ports to a PC motherboard. One end had standard USB connectors, the other had these five pin connectors.

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