Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hacked on Frame, Glued Down Side Vents

Time to break out the Dremel again.

There were a few things I wanted to get done today, and though removing the legs is getting to be a bit of a pain, doing so made the job easier.

Today I cut down a couple of the horizontal ribs, in order to accommodate the new aluminum coin returns. There's just enough material left to screw the coin slots down (I think), but for now they are taped in.

I also had to widen some cuts to the frame's base plate, to make room for the rear coin returns. Back on May 4 of this year I had cut the frame for the same purpose, but I didn't realize that I had reversed the left and right returns. Now that I've fixed that, I had to gouge out some more material.

Finally, I used silicone to glue down the side vents. I'll let this set for a few days and then remove the tape. With the side vents in place, it will be a real pain to ever remove the skins again (even more so), since they go across the seams.

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