Saturday, October 14, 2006

Started Cutting Center Foot Shell, Alu Octagon Ports Arrive

I finally started work on my PVC center foot shell today.

I began with the beveled cuts for the top and bottom edge of each of the four sides.

Next, I cut the very top piece of the foot shell, which also has beveled edges. This piece will be further cut later, when a 1" wide channel is made for the ankle tip to connect to the foot.

I came to a grinding halt when it was time to cut the angles of the sides, as I discovered that the blade on the miter saw I'm using is not large enough to cut across the required distance. I will see about begging to use another miter saw.

In the meantime, I labeled each piece, and put the work on hold. (One of the pieces I cut was large enough to cut two pieces from it, once I have access to an adequate miter saw.) Hopefully I can resume work on these shortly.

Last but not least, the incredibly good looking aluminum octagon ports from Michael McMaster arrived today. Right now, my frame cannot accommodate these without more cutting. If/when I need to take the skins off again, I will see about cutting the frame to fit these great parts. For now, I'm not letting them go(!). :)


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