Thursday, October 19, 2006

Painted Utility Arm Backstops

Once again, getting the bare minimum done.

I painted the utility arm backstops flat-black today. Not sure if I'm going to glue these down immediately, or wait until I'm confident the arms and their pivot points won't change. I'll probably wait a bit.


Calvin Thomas said...

The pivot points are they solid?
I finally got mine installed and I was wondering about the movement of R2 vibrating them out of place.
I know my arms are solid, But if the skins moved on the frame it would change the hole setting and the arms would hit the skins.
I used a nut called a T-nut and it has prongs that cut into the frame and I know it won't move. Then the threaded rod goes into the T-nut.
Just a thought.

Victor Franco said...

The pivot points are fairly solid. There are two semicircles that go around the pin that goes through the arm. I have four of these total, for each end of the pin for both arms. One end of the semicircle can be removed, the other is fixed. When I screw down tight the removable end, the arm is pretty much locked in place. The trick is getting the two semicircles located perfectly so that the pin in the arm is straight up and down, and in the correct position on the frame to allow the arm to pivot perfectly through the opening in the skins. I think my location is "good enough" to work, but it could be slightly better.