Wednesday, October 04, 2006

LDP Arrives, Fun with Origami

Wayne's excellent, one-piece Large Data Port arrived today. Sure, I already have one in my droid, but you can never have too many LDPs, right?

I think I'm finally over the hump with the angle calculations for the center foot shell. I broke down and built a partial paper model to visualize the edge I had been struggling with. I realize paper does not simulate material thickness, but I mainly wanted to determine the length of the diagonal edge of where two sides meet, and I did.

Thank you to Alan Wolfson and pixelFiend for input on their approaches toward the foot shell build.

With that behind me, I'm hoping I can start cutting the foot shells this weekend.

(How many pictures of pencil, paper and calculator can I post and still look like I'm getting something done?)


Calvin Thomas said...

I got my LDP mounted today!!!
But I made a mistake, When I was
drilling/tapping the bottom for screws. I drilled to far and made a tiny hole ( Gotta fix that!! )
Also, On your Dome, Do you have a lope where the dome ring was welded?
Mine seems to lope at this area.

Victor Franco said...

Hi Calvin,

I'm sure a little bondo, sanding and paint will make the holes in the LDP completely invisible. For now I used the 3M double-stick adhesive foam tape to attach the LDP from the bottom, on top of one of my horizontal ribs. I'm not positive that will hold it in place, I guess I'll find out over time.

Regarding the dome ring well, I too have that, but it is almost unnoticeable. I chose to have that part of the dome ring in the very back. (Actually, Mike recommended that, and that's what I did.)