Sunday, September 10, 2006

Worked on Front Logic Harness, JB Welded Left Rear Coin Return, Tightened Up HPs

Today I glued together the PVC sides of the front logic harness with PVC glue.

I decided to give up on using silicone for my coin returns on the back door, and have chosen JB Weld instead. Hopefully this will secure the coin returns for good.

I also added a small piece of felt (using double-sided tape) to the inside of each holoprojector. The HPs were fitting a bit too loose for my taste.


Calvin Thomas said...

I need a favor,
On the holos can you tell me the bolt pattern?
I want to install some screws in the inner dome for the holos.
So if I get lucky and get a Aluminum set, I'll be ready for them.
I'm sorry, I don't understand what your making right now.
Did I miss something?

Victor Franco said...


The pattern was somewhat luck on my part, I just happened to drill holes around the HPs months before they arrived and I knew what they would look like.

An example is at:

I put four screws around each HP hole, roughly in a square pattern.

When the HPs finally arrived, the screws I had inserted did not come close to the pre-drilled holes in the HP frames. However, I was still able use my screws by purchasing some bicycle chain links at the local Lowe's hardware store. I used the "open" link (shaped like an elongated "U") to secure the HPs. See:

Although the HPs were secure in the dome, the "projector" area where the lens sits had a tendency to drop due to gravity. In other words, you could take your hand and wiggle it very easily. I wanted to tighten that up a bit, so I taped some felt to the inside of the ball-and-socket to increase the friction.

Let me know if this didn't make sense, it's a bit hard to describe.