Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Temporarily Installed Front Logics

I'm running out of time before R2LA IV to get the front logics installed. So, I cheated... I used strapping tape and taped them in from behind(!). Not very stable, although it's holding so far.

The rats nest of wires inside the dome is also an embarrassment, I need to tie those down somehow too.

This is probably my last update until R2LA IV on Saturday (to which I'll be running a little late), as I don't have much more I can get done before then.


Calvin Thomas said...

On your front logics,
Did you have a problem with the 2 boards hitting each other in the middle?
Mine hit unless I mount the surround flat/square with each other instead of following the dome curve.
How did you solve this problem?

Victor Franco said...

Yes, I have the exact same issue. For now, I am mounting them pretty much flat/square with each other. Other than sanding down the edges of the logics, I don't know of a solution. It's not too serious to me, but it would be nice if they fit through the dome holes uniformly.

Let me know if you do come up with something.

Calvin Thomas said...

I sat and eyeballed these things for an hour and this is what I intend to do.
I put both surround on a flat surface and sat the dome piece on top of the surrounds.
This makes the surrounds square with each other and leaves a decent reveal on the outside.
But the inner dome is going to need cutting more than usual.
My inner dome has 2 square holes for the surrounds to fit through, But I'm going to cut them out as 1 large hole, So it does'nt interfear with the surround at all.
The sides of the surrounds I'm going to cut down to almost the same as the top. This way the surrounds will mount to the outter skin instead of the inner/outter to keep the nice reveal.
And then I'll make a mount to bolt to the dome and surround to tightly keep them in place.
Let me know what you think and any idea you have to add to this.
Sorry the post was so long

Victor Franco said...

You are in a good position to cut the inner dome. (I believe your two domes are still able to be separated.) I think you are taking a sensible approach, namely not letting the inner dome limit where the surrounds can be located. I should have cut the inner dome holes a little larger before glue-up.

Now that my two domes are glued together with silicone, I'm somewhat stuck. I could still cut the crossbar between the upper and lower surrounds on the inner dome. As it is, I thinned it somewhat, so it is much less of a factor right now. The only disadvantage I see of eliminating the crossbar is that you will be dependent on the outer dome panel being present to keep the surrounds in place. This will be fine if you don't plan to remove the panel. If, on the other hand, you plan to be able to remove that panel (to repaint, for example), you'll have also to remove the surrounds (or so it would seem). Not a big deal, though.

Keep me updated on how things go, I'll keep an eye on your blog.