Friday, September 08, 2006

More Goofing Around with Dome Electronics

I was supposed to glue together my PVC harness for the front logics today. Unfortunately, I am a moron, so that didn't happen. I cut the PVC to be the exact length of each edge of the box that surrounds the logics. That means that the sides meet at corners, not complete edges. I should have consulted a kindergartner.

So, in my disgust, I decided to wire up my USB/Serial adaptor that arrived from today, and have some fun changing the message text on the front logics. Apparently R2 now thinks I am "great." For the moment, at least. :)

I tried and tried to get a couple of different USB/Serial adapter drivers to work with the Mac, but I never saw any relevant /dev/tty devices, so I gave up for now and resorted to using my PC laptop from work. Hopefully I'll get the Mac driver to work sooner or later.

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