Monday, September 18, 2006

Finished Wiring Up Switches, Batteries, Front Logics

Today I was able to get the rest of the dome electronics wired up. The whole mess is now self-contained in the dome.

I have the front logics pulled out for the moment, since I'm still waiting for silicone for the blue dome panel for the front logics to set completely. Everything is working, but I am a little concerned about the large number of connections I have in there. Each is a potential point of failure.

I am waiting on a planned run of rear logics, so those are still missing from the back of the dome.


Calvin Thomas said...

Has someone decided to do the rear logics?
I just finished Leon's board.
All I need now is the Pic flasher.
Have you thought about useing Leon's?

Victor Franco said...

Hi Calvin,

Ben has dropped strong hints that he and Jason will do a run of rear logics. I think Dave Everett is currently designing the board. If these were not going to be offered, I would probably go with Leon's board. But I'm so bad at soldering, that I'd like to avoid it if possible.

I saw on the board today that you are almost done with your rear logics. Be sure to post pics when they are complete! I just checked your blog, the dome is looking great!