Saturday, August 05, 2006

Odds & Ends for Legs

I performed several leg-related housekeeping chores today.

First, the shoulder hubs didn't quite fit into their holes after the white paint was applied to the legs, so I lightly sanded the shoulder hub holes, and now the hubs fit again.

Second, I noticed that I needed to countersink the wood screw that was holding the aluminum flashing around the shoulder disc in place, so I took care of that.

Next, I hand-painted the armpits for the under shoulder details with Krylon Aluminum Chrome. I didn't want to chance messing up the white paint job on the legs. Hardly any of the armpit area will show once the details are in place, so this didn't have to be perfect.

I wrapped up by gluing the leg strut supports into the hollow part of the ankle. I also applied foil tape around the groove in the leg, to give it its metallic look.

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