Thursday, July 13, 2006

Unmasked Ankle Cylinders, Prepped Cylinder Holders for Painting

Yeehaw, I painted something right on the first try! The ankle cylinders appear to have turned out okay.

I also prepped the ankle cylinder holders for primer/painting by drilling a hole on the holder side, so they can sit upside-down on top of the same rods that the cylinders were mounted on. Hopefully I'll start the process tomorrow.


Calvin Thomas said...

Are you using the new or old Krider paint code?
I painted a dome panels using the old
Krider code and the paint got goosebumps.
I don't know what happened.

Victor Franco said...

Hi Calvin,

I think I'm using the new paint code. Here's what I use, in the order applied:

1. Several coats of Rustoleum white primer, #1981 (I use white for the blue colors, gray for the white colors). I usually apply about 3 coats within an hour, lightly sand the next day, and then apply a bit more.
2. Rustoleum Metallic Purple, #7255. I apply one thorough coat (Mike Senna says to apply until it looks wet all over). Applied with light back-and-forth shots over the course of a minute or two per small panel.
3. Dupli-Color Anodized Blue, #MC201. Same application instructions apply as the purple above.
4. Rustoleum Crystal Clear Enamel, #7701, 2 coats about 10 minutes apart. This clearcoat has given me trouble from time to time (as you've seen), spattering sometimes and leaving splatter others. I think a fresh can usually helps, and shaking the can often also seems to help. I usually forget until something ugly happens. I've also had the nozzle clog up on these.

I sympathize with your experience. I have repainted over half my parts already, and so far it seems more like luck than anything else. Perhaps fresh cans help, but I suspect you've used fresh cans. I'm watching the boards to see if anyone has the magic answer.

Good luck!!