Monday, July 03, 2006

Under Shoulder Detail Primer

Not much building activity to report today.

The R2 Builders Club hats that I ordered from Tom arrived, they look sharp.

I applied some primer to the under shoulder details, and I plan to paint them silver tomorrow. I also removed the masking tape from the ankle details, and I may paint the rest of those silver tomorrow too, if I think the blue paint has dried enough on them to handle masking tape.

I'm going to take a shot at making my own PSIs based on Federico Sesler's tutorial, so I went to Radio Shack and bought most of the components. Perhaps I can celebrate the Fourth of July by blowing up a board...


Calvin Thomas said...

Have you thought of trying out this:
Someone else in the group tried it,
But I don't know how it turned out.
I have one of Leon's boards for this project.
I have'nt built it yet, But its suppose to control the front and back.

Victor Franco said...

Hi Calvin,

Yep, that's Plan B. I think Vince Sanchez gave this one high marks.

It will actually cost me more to build my own then to order the Fiber Optic Products version, but I was hoping to learn a little something about circuit building (or, relearn what I once knew).