Thursday, June 08, 2006

Sanded Booster Cover Putty, Mounted Horseshoes

In the morning, I sanded down the putty that I applied yesterday on the booster covers. The booster covers are in pretty good shape now.

More significantly, in the evening, I mounted the horseshoes onto the legs.

I started by drilling four holes for #8 screws, about 3/4" deep into the inboard side of the horseshoes. The shim layer was taped down in several places on the main portion of the horseshoe.

I then took the shim layer, and taped it down (opposite side up) onto the leg. Lining up the drill bit with the holes that I had just drilled into the shim layer, I drilled matching holes into the outer face of the leg. As each hole was drilled, I placed a #8 screw (head cut off) into the hole, to secure the horseshoe into the leg and keep it from moving.

This came out pretty well. This weekend I'm hoping to cut the hole in the leg for the shoulder hub.

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