Thursday, June 01, 2006

Finished Sanding Utility Arms, Glued & Chopped Booster Cover Tops

In the morning, I finished sanding the utility arms so that they can swing freely open without hitting the skins.

I also was able to remove the masking tape from the booster cover tops, and glue the bottom part of these back on. How did I manage to do such a sloppy job of masking? Huh... oh well.

In the evening I worked up the courage to do some choppin' on the booster cover tops. The blueprints call for a 3 degree angle to be cut off the top. I practiced with the chop saw on a large piece of scrap, and then held my breath and cut the real booster covers.

Phew, it turned out fine.

The angle is pretty subtle, but it is there. Obviously a little wood putty will be in order once I'm done cutting.

I still need to route a curve out of the bottom-front corner, and cut 3 degrees off the front face of the booster cover tops, then the booster cover tops will be pretty much done (except painting and adding mounting screws).

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