Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Cut Top of Booster Covers

Tonight I made the first cuts for the top portion of the booster covers, using three layers of 3/4" poplar that I glued together after cutting each layer.

I didn't leave myself much margin for error side-to-side, but I made these parts deeper and wider than required, so I have some slop to play with there. The current dimensions, when facing this head-on as if they were mounted on the droid, are 3.125" wide, 4.00" tall and 2.25" deep. The height and depth need to be cut down, but the width is pretty much to spec.

How am I going to cut something this thick? Very carefully, I guess. Okay, Alan, if you are out there, start throwing out some pointers! :) Right now I only have a table saw and miter saw at my disposal. It seems a band saw would be the best option, if only I had one.

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