Saturday, May 27, 2006

Booster Cover Work, Installed HPs and Octagon Ports

Today was fairly productive.

I returned to work on the booster cover tops, where the curve still required sanding. I tilted the drill press table to the proper angle, and using the drum sander, finished sanding out the curve on top for both booster covers.

Since I couldn't wait to see the holoprojectors in the dome, I tackled that next. For now, I am using clips used for a bicycle chain to hold the HPs in place. This seems fairly sturdy, but I may go with another solution before I'm done. I was able to use the screws I placed in the dome earlier to anchor the clips. With those HPs installed, R2's dome is looking more and more real.

Finally, I painted black the outward facing sides of the paddles that hold the octagon ports in place. Once they were dry, I screwed them into the frame, completing the octagon port portion of the build.


Chris Moody said...


I am trying to mount my HP to my dome and I'd like to try using the same clips you did. Are you still using the ones listed here? If so, what exactly are they and do you know where I could get them?


Chris Moody said...


Oops, 2nd question. Can you recommend a good bit for countersinking the 4-40 1/2" screws? I know nothing about countersinking yet and don't know what to look for.


Victor Franco said...


Yes, I'm still using the exact same clips, it turns out they have worked really well. They are for RC35 chain links.

I bought them at Lowe's, on the hardware aisle, in one of the "hard to find items" drawers. I've uploaded a picture of the package they come in here:

UPC code is 008236-721157.

I used a total of 12 of these, 4 for each HP. Four links came in a package, at least back when I bought them. I just used the clip portion, the rest of the link was not used.

As for question #2, I'm not an authority here either, but I bought a simple 5-flute, 82 degree countersink bit at Sears.

I have read comments on that assert a single flute is better. I must say that when I was countersinking the inner skins, a hexagonal pattern began to develop around the countersunk hole. Senna told me to go slow and steady, and that helped keep the hole round. A single-flute bit might make a cleaner hole, I'm not sure.

Hope that helps,