Friday, May 26, 2006

Aluminum Holoprojectors Arrive!!

Oh happy day! The day I thought would never come, the holoprojectors that I ordered back on June 8, 2005 arrived today. The are absolutely beautiful, I can't wait to mount them in my dome!


Calvin Thomas said...

Please do me a favor,
Would you measure the diameter of the holos mounting area.
I'm trying to drill the holes for the mounting screws.
If you would give me that diameter and how far the screws are apart from each other, I might be able to predrill mine.
PS, If by chance you take them out of the dome for some reason.
Would you trace it on paper and email it to me.

Victor Franco said...


I removed one of my HPs and measured the holes.

The outer diameter of the entire HP casing with the holes drilled into it is 3.125" (3 1/8"). The diameter of the centers of two opposite drilled holes is 2.875" (2 7/8"). The holes are drilled for #4 screws.

I measured the metal, and I've mailed a picture of a pencil tracing.

Hope that helps,