Sunday, April 16, 2006

Finished Cutting Horseshoe Layers

Another busy day. First, I rough-cut eight more horseshoe layers.

After routing the horseshoes down to size with my MDF templates, I rough-cut the holes for the shoulder hydraulics and buttons. This was a pain, as there's not much room to work the jigsaw.

Then I used the router to route the holes in the top layer (only) to size. The reason I only routed the top layer holes to size and left the other four layers below it rough-cut is that I'm going to glue them together first. Then I'll route the five layers glued together, using the top layer as the template. Routing each layer individually would run the risk of a mismatch from layer to layer.

It was a busy weekend, 20 layers cut in total. Four of the cutouts are templates. Two templates are for the big layer, and are mirror images of each other to allow for buttons and hydraulics to be symmetrical on both legs. One template is for the small layer, and the fourth template is for the shim layer, which I don't think I'm going to end up using. I'm not sure yet exactly how I'm going to finish the shim layer, I may end up hand-sanding the edge of the bottom-most small layer.

Next up, gluing some of the layers together.


Calvin Thomas said...

Man, You are a R2 junkie at heart.
HAHAHA. Thats some nice work you did on those shoulders!!!
Can't wait to see the final results.
Router on Dude!!

Victor Franco said...

I'm a man on a mission. :)

I talked to Mike last night, to figure out how best to align the layers for gluing. I'll probably drill holes & use tiny dowels, not sure when I'll get to that. Hopefully soon.