Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Painted Inner Dome PSI Area

Another mini-milestone, the first blue painting of my R2. This was on the inner dome, for the area of the rear PSI that shows through to the outside world. I needed to do this before gluing the inner and outer domes together.

Obviously I masked the rectangular area to paint. I applied a slightly modified Krider Blue, using a few coats of primer (wet sanded with 400 grit before the last coat of primer), only one coat of Rustoleum Metallic Purple and one coat of Duplicolor Anodized Blue, followed by two clearcoats.

I love the look of the purple. You can see the glitter in the spray paint stream if you have the right light and angle as you spray it on.

After the paint had dried all day, I removed the blue masking tape. For fun I carefully set the outer dome over the inner dome, and taped in the cutout piece that will eventually be glued in place, framing the painted area.

Next up, gluing the domes together permanently with silicone.


Calvin Thomas said...

The panel around the Psi.
It won't get used?
Is that why you painted the inner dome?

Victor Franco said...


The only spot on my inner dome that got painted is the rear PSI area. I saw Dan's post on the board that mentioned the rear logic display area as well, that may be true. If so, that's okay, I can live without that part getting painted.

The part of the outer dome that *directly* frames the circle in the rear PSI is not used on the final dome. The round-cornered rectangle that surrounds the piece just mentioned in the previous sentence does get used, and is attached to the dome. It frames the painted area of the rear PSI.

It will end up looking something like this (which you probably already saw):

Let me know if you have further questions,