Sunday, March 12, 2006

Drilled Inner Dome

I got pitifully little done today. I started drilling and countersinking holes in the inner dome, to insert screws that will point inward into the dome (Mike Senna's idea). The purpose of these screws is to provide something for dome electronics and holoprojector holders to grab onto on the inside. Inserting and JB Welding the screws now will make life easier later. (You can also see that I dusted off a little high school geometry and did a sloppy geometric construction to try to find the center of various circles.)

The reason I got so little done today is that Harbor Freight had a drill press on sale for $39.99, so I took time out to go shopping. I've really needed a drill press for this project, so I finally got one. I should have done this on day one. Watch, now I'll hardly ever use it...

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