Friday, February 03, 2006

Three Legs!

Finally!! Another mini-milestone, R2 is standing on his own three legs. I found that I needed to recut and redrill the vertical rail that connects the front center foot bolt to the U-bolt up top going around the gas pipe. There was not enough room to fit a socket wrench in the L joint of the rail to tighten down the U-bolt nuts. So another cut with the jigsaw, some drilling, and lo-and-behold, R2 (or the frame at least) is now standing on all threes.

The skins are currently off. What I will need to do next is take this all apart, screw down the inner and outer skins, and start gluing down the panels to the skins with silicone. Then I can put the legs back on, and R2 will start to look a bit more real.

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