Monday, February 20, 2006

Sanded Eye, Installed Rockler Bearing

In the morning, I sanded down the nubs on the radar eye.

Then, it was off to Mike Senna's where Mike very kindly installed my Rockler bearing onto the top of my frame (see Rockler Bearing). This involved drilling four holes into the bearing's outer ring (and the frame underneath it), to secure it with screws to the top of the frame, along with the insertion of six screws in the inner ring that went into six corresponding holes in the dome ring, also drilled today. The fit was pretty much perfect. Now R2 doesn't have to go around headless anymore. Thanks another million, Mike!

Now I will probably sit and stare at the dome for a while, as I psyche myself up to get to work on it. It may be quiet here for a day or two.


Calvin Thomas said...

How much dome overhang or lip do you have over the skins?
Mine has a small overhang and I was curious if it was normal.

Victor Franco said...


Sorry for the delayed reply, I didn't know anyone ever posted comments!

I also have a very small overhang from the dome over the skins, and this is normal, and in fact in a weird way it kind of looks good to me.